DUWA assesses each Community based on their respective usage of the System. DUWA collects revenue directly from the Communities served by the System to cover operating costs and debt for Capital Improvements.

The Service Agreement specifies that the current Rate Methodology will remain in use for at least 5 years so as to preserve stability for the communities.  This means that rates will continue to reflect self-reported “base flow” (i.e. water consumption), plus a pro rata share of the “excess flow” (i.e. the difference between the total flow treated annually minus the sum of all base flow).  Excess flow values will continue to be calculated as a 5 year average to account for flow variations which occur during wet and dry years. 

Non-Residential User (NRU) fees are charged for the system based on self-reporting by DUWA’s communities. NRU fees tie into DUWA’s Industrial Pre-Treatment Program (IPP). A June 2020 NRU Town Hall was conducted to help achieve consistency in the self-reported data. The slide deck from the Town Hall is available here. The meeting minutes are available here.



If you have a plumbing, billing, sewer, or flooding issue; where you live determines who you contact. Contact your city or township for assistance. DUWA’s Communities include:


City of Allen Park
City of Romulus
City of River Rouge
Charter Township of Brownstone
City of Southgate
City of Belleville
City of Ecorse
City of Riverview
City of Dearborn Heights
City of Taylor
City of Lincoln Park
City of Wyandotte
Charter Township of Van Buren