Downriver System Responds to Sinkhole near Metro Airport

On April 27, 2017 a Sinkhole was discovered near the Wick Road/Middlebelt Road intersection. Wayne County staff immediately responded to stabilize the site and undertake emergency measures to maintain sewer service to customers in the area. The sinkhole, which measured approximately 10’ diameter at the surface, appears to have been caused by a collapse of a portion of the Downriver System Goddard Interceptor which is a 24” diameter pipe about 25’ below ground at that location. The cause of the collapse is still being investigated, but preliminary evaluation suggests corrosion due to a build up of hydrogen sulfide gas.

By quickly instituting emergency bypass pumping, the County has been able to maintain uninterrupted service to upstream customers, all of whom are located in Romulus. Corrective measures including excavation of the collapsed sections of pipe and installation of a new replacement pipe, are expected to begin the week of May 15. The location of the sinkhole is such that it is not expected to affect any buildings or roads.